Why Meridiem and why only Alutech?

The idea behind Meridiem pergola was to offer its customers an exceptional product that is free from uncompromising shortcomings. This wish came to life when Alutech Bohemia was founded. The combination of experience, vision and the effort to produce above all quality products resulted in the Meridiem bioclimatic pergola, which reflects exclusive functions, precise workmanship and excellent design. The fact that Meridiem is not a prototype of its kind has turned into a considerable advantage. Pergola enriched the company with great technical development and fine-tuned it to perfection.

Extruded aluminum profiles of the highest quality are used for the production of pergolas. Meridiem boasts a completely aluminum construction and the use of only stainless steel. The pergola frame is equipped with a control opening in which the wiring is conducted. The possibility of opening the channel thus provides full warranty and post-warranty service. No less significant deviation from most competing products is the addition of lamellar roofing with rubber sealing, which eliminates vibrations and unpleasant sounds in case of stronger wind conditions. However, Alutech Bohemia has not neglected the visual aspect of the pergola and the paint shade can be chosen from a very wide range of colors and structures, and even shades with metallic elements are in the basic offer.

We provide 60 months warranty on aluminum pergola, mechanical parts and surface treatment. Linear drive, control unit and accessories are standardly guaranteed for 24 months.

Pergola of the Meridiem product line fulfills not only our ideas, but above all the ideas of you, your customers, to the last detail.

a dream of perfect pergola came true

The exclusive pergola Meridiem Bio, which owes its foundation to the Czech company Alutech Bohemia, arrives on the scene. It differs significantly from competing products in its disposition, timeless design, processing and functionality. What makes it so unusual?

The magic of Meridiem

At first see, the pergola will take your breath away with its visual simplicity, spiced with a cubism style. It consists of extruded aluminum profiles that can be anchored to the house or built separately. Pergola will therefore fully respect the architecture of the house and further develop it. Thanks to it, the maximum connection of the house with the garden will be created and the dwelling will breathe a fresh style.

The roof is the foundation

The aluminum pergola has a tilting lamella roofing, which achieves unprecedented bioclimatic functions and complete water resistance. In the heat of the heat they provide a pleasant stream of clean air and in case of rain the slats close and protect you and garden furniture. The water drain is then further integrated through the pergolas‘ support webs to eliminate all concern. What about snow? Bioclimatic pergola Meridiem can cope with snow. In case of snowfall, the slats close like rain and the load-bearing capacity of the roof is designed to overcome winter time in our climatic conditions without any problems.

Stand out from the crowd

Alutech Bohemia likes every difference and originality and therefore offers its customers the most extensive offer of basic colors, surfaces and gloss levels. The company thus takes the view that the pergola tastefully occupies a place next to any type of house and fully coincides with the customer’s expectations even without extra painting. With Meridiem you can easily stand out from the crowd and choose an unconventional shade of pergola.

Originality and luxury

Meridiem’s ​​rich accessories add uniqueness and luxury at an affordable price. The entire pergola can be completed with fabric shading in the form of screen blinds of various colors, sliding glass panels, or solid glazing. Convenience can be enhanced by LED lighting or heating with infra-red heaters. The rain, solar or wind sensor is one of the highlights of the offered accessories and ensures absolute comfort. All functions are easy to use with the remote control, and since intelligent home control enjoys great popularity nowadays, it offers connectivity with the pergola. The whole pergola can mirror the lifestyle, taste and requirements of the owner and become a personal calling card.

So, do you like the design of the new pergola Meridiem? We are excited about it!

Ageless aluminum or ever-breathing wood?

Comparison is already a typical feature of our nation. We like to measure quality, appearance and properties. And the formation of pergolas will not avoid such an assessment. Let’s focus on aluminum pergola compared to woodworking the terrace. Can aluminum fully replace natural material? The answer to the question is already given…

Basic factors

As pergola construction should not be just a seasonal matter, long life is the main criterion for material selection. What the ordinary user will continue to look at is maintenance. We all dream of maintenance-free material that will not add more work or cost. If we add only these two basic wishes of the owner, it is clear that we have to move away from the wood.

Think of the future

The wooden gazebo creates a gentle transition between the house and the garden. But they pay a big tax for this. Natural materials are subject to difficult maintenance, which must be carried out several times a year. This is reflected not only in time, but also in the finances you have to spend on the wooden pergola. Finally, despite all the care, the wood loses its grace after several interventions. However, the aluminum pergola boasts the term “maintenance-free” without exaggeration. It is made of extruded profiles, which can give any color shade, even a lacquer in wood decor. A significant advantage over wooden pergolas is the fact that you do not have to worry about color changes due to sunlight or rain. The additional painting, oiling or grinding required for a wooden pergola is not necessary. Also the fasteners on the aluminum roofing are made of stainless steel, ensuring absolute pergola stability.

Roof as a pergola base

The comparison between the roofing on aluminum and wooden pergolas brings another very significant difference. While the wooden pergola does not offer much variety in the choice of roof, aluminum pergola has a rich offer of comfortable roofing. Such a list will range from a simple fabric filling, through a sheet metal or glass solution, to a roof made up of tilting shielding slats.

Architecture ahead

Wood looks natural. Many people long for its incorporation into the construction of the house and in the garden has become a classic. Wooden fences, wooden furniture and the choice of pergolas can already be decided. But do not be afraid of variation. Some people might worry that the aluminum structure, which is typical of a cuboid shape, would look too massive and would not visually fit into the architecture of a normal family home. The aluminum pergola reflects modernity and goes hand in hand with the latest trends in living, but thanks to its simple shapes and the possibility of adding side shading, for example in the shade of the house facade, it can enhance architecture of any type of house.

Those who prefer natural materials always reach for a wooden pergola. However, it is only a matter of time before such an owner decides to change in a better and more practical direction.